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Ant Extermination In Marblehead, MA

September 6, 2012

Ant infestation can be a disgusting and unpleasant problem that no home owner wants to deal with. These problems often arise in the spring and summer months when the weather begins to warm and the ants begin to return. If you are ever dealing with an ant problem in your home or apartment, it would be wise to place a quick call to Richie the Bugman. Richie has been in business for over twenty years and would be delighted to exterminate the ants in your home quickly and professionally.

Three Step Ant Extermination In Marblehead, MA

Richie the Bugman uses a tried and true three-step system for ant removal. The first step is to apply Termidor insecticide on your home’s exterior foundation, the surrounding grounds and the locations that the ants have been coming from. Termidor is the best insecticide on the market today for ant removal, as it is a non-repellant product. The second step in Richie’s ant removal system is to place a gel substance in the cracks and crevices of your home. This gel is completely safe for small children and pets. The ants will feed off the gel and bring pieces of it back to the colony, where other ants can also consume the poison. This process takes about two to three weeks. The third and final step in Richie the Bugman’s ant removal system is to inject the walls (from the exterior) with a specialized machine and hit the nest directly. Richie the Bugman is so confident in his three-step ant removal system that he will guarantee that you will not experience any problems with ants for three months after your home has received treatment! Richie the Bugman always ensures that his customers are completely satisfied with their service.

Who To Call For Ant Extermination In Marblehead, MA

If you ever encounter any problems with ant infestation in your home, office or apartment, do not hesitate to call Richie the Bugman. Richie has serviced the entire Greater Boston/ North Shore area for the past two decades with top-quality pest extermination services.

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