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Ant Extermination in Beverly: How It’s Done

Carpenter ant
July 31, 2015

The ants will come marching into your home one by one if you don’t consider ant extermination in Beverly. Don’t be fooled, ants may be small, but these tiny critters will eat away trees and other wooden structures to make nests. If your Beverly home is located near any wooded area, this could spell trouble for your home’s wooden furnishings. Before you know it, your nice home by the woodland could be overtaken by an ant invasion.

Luckily, Richie the Bug Man is here to save the day, fending off those pesky insects with  the best ant extermination in Beverly. Richie will prevent your home from becoming a giant ant colony with an unbeatable extermination process to ensure a safe, sanitary living space.

So, How is Ant Extermination Done?

Richie the Bug Man’s ant extermination process is quick and easy because when ants invade your home, you need them eliminated immediately  Here’s the steps Richie takes to keep the critters out:

  • Gathering Information: The first step to any ant extermination is to investigate your home to see where ants are invading and where they are forming nests. Richie the Bug Man takes a close look at all areas of your home to note the areas in need of extermination.
  • Insecticide Treatment: When the source of ant invasion is detected, Richie the Bug Man will spray the the baseboards and perimeter of your home with a powerful insecticide to exterminate ants for good. This insecticide is known as Termidor, a potent chemical solution that will kill ants on immediate contact. Termidor will keep any ants from approaching the wooden baseboards of your home and reduces the chances of nests forming.
  • Bait Gel Appliance: Once your home receives insecticide treatment, Richie the Bug Man will then apply bait gel to wooden baseboards which reels in the ants and kills them instantly. Though the bait gel is safe for children and pets, ants will fall victim to the trap as they’ll eat the bait and then share it with other ants in their nest. Bait gel may be simple, but it’s also incredibly deadly.

Richie the Bug Man’s ant extermination in Beverly is the best in Massachusetts! Refer to Richie to keep ants away and maintain a happier, healthier home!

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