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7 Common Fall Pests in Massachusetts

common fall pests in Massachusetts by Boz Pest Control
September 13, 2019

As fall moves in, most pests will become less active as the insects die off. However, there are still many pests that are still active during the cooler months. Some pests become more common as they prepare for the winter. Most likely by trying to find shelter in your home. As you enjoy the change in seasons and prepare for football, keep in mind some of the more common fall pests you can expect to see.

Here are seven common fall pests you can expect to see in Massachusetts:



As fall approaches, bees will become more common and busier. The exact reason for this depends on the type of species. Honey bees, for instance, are more common as they prepare for the winter by gathering nutrients from late-blooming flowers. Others, like wasps, become more active as they switch their diet from insects to foods with more carbohydrates.



In the late summer and early fall, you’re likely to see a variety of beetles looking to hibernate for the winter. Among these are ladybugs and stink beetles. They usually like gathering at the warmer parts of your home and are best dealt with by using a vacuum cleaner.



As winter gets closer, rodents like mice and rats will be looking to get into your home. These pests are attracted to your home’s warmth and ample supply of food. To protect your home, you should seal up any gaps or openings around your home.



You might think of ants as summer pests with a reputation for ruining picnics. However, cool fall weather can make ants more likely to go into your home to find food. They may also try making their colonies in your home.



The winter weather is liable to draw these disgusting critters into your home. Due to their ability to carry a wide variety of bacteria and cause asthma attacks in children, any cockroach infestation should be dealt with as soon as possible.



Some species of spiders, such as orb-weaver spiders, are more common during the fall months. This is also the point when most female spiders are preparing to lay their eggs before they die.


Bed bugs

As people travel to see family or go to sporting events this fall, bed bugs are likely to spread. They’ll latch onto clothes, suitcases, and backpacks to get into people’s homes. From there, they’ll suck blood and leave behind itchy red welts.


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