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5 Tips for Spider Extermination in Salem

August 27, 2015

Spider extermination in Salem is absolutely needed when those eight-legged critters threaten to turn your home into a giant web of silk. Without any professional assistance, your home can start to resemble a horror show, with spiders of all shapes and sizes popping out in all areas to scare the living daylights out of you. The fear of spiders is common and when it seems they’re bound to take over your home, it may feel like you’re living in a nightmare.

Fortunately, Richie the Bug Man aims to fight spider extermination in Salem with highly effective extermination methods to scare away spiders for good. And the best part is you can join Richie in his quest to rid Salem of all arachnids by following a few simple, cost-effective extermination tips.

Spider Extermination in Salem: Richie’s Top 5 Tips

While there are certainly many ways to keep spiders away, you can keep those eight-legged horrors out for good by following by Richie’s 5 spider extermination tips for homeowners:

  1. Use Vinegar: Vinegar is like a miracle substance, especially in the fight against spider infestation. Fill up a spray bottle with vinegar and spray tiny cracks and crevices in your home. Spiders often repel from all things vinegar, and spraying the smallest areas of your home ensures they won’t themselves comfortable with their web-spinning ways any time soon.
  2. Consider Citrus: Yes, while it may seem unbelievable that a source of vitamin C can actually prevent spider extermination, spiders repel from citrus in the same say they do with vinegar. Rub an orange peel on areas of your home where you know spider manifest and watch them disappear.
  3. Keep Kitchen Clean: Spider are attracted to places where crumbs and pieces of food are scattered everywhere, and your kitchen is the number-one destination for spiders to infest. It’s always important to sweep and mop up your kitchen a few times a week to keep spiders from coming. Kitchen cleanliness can also keep away other critters including ants and mice.
  4. Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil is one of the many things that spiders absolutely hate. While it may smell nice to you, spiders will start scattering once they get a whiff of peppermint. Apply it lightly to all areas of your home and marvel as it sends spiders away in droves.
  5. Borax: Though Borax is mostly used to get rid of ants, it works just as well with spiders. Spray Borax wherever you see spider webs. Also spray it in door cracks and between windows, which are popular destinations for spiders to hang out.

Contact Richie the Bug Man today for spider extermination in Salem and don’t forget about these 5 helpful tips!

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