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4 Signs You Need Bee Extermination in Boston

September 18, 2015

Hearing frequent buzzing from bees in your home? Then it’s time to call Richie the Bug Man for bee extermination in Boston. Carpenter bees like to infest themselves in the darker, unforeseen areas of your home. As we all know, bees can sting or even simply serve as a distraction when you’re trying to relax in your home. Worse, allergy sufferers will be more at risk when bees are buzzing around, leading a sometimes intense allergic reaction if an allergy sufferer is stung by a bee.

Richie the Bug Man offers effective bee extermination in Boston to rid those critters from your home. It can be dangerous when you chose to exterminate bees all by your lonesome, so leave it in the hands of a professional like Richie. Bee extermination methods include dusting carpenter bee nests and spraying insecticide around nests or areas where bees have a higher chance of infesting. But while Richie can do wonders for your home, there also several ways you can help.

Bee Extermination in Boston: Top 4 Signs

Of course, it takes more than the sound of frequent buzzing to identify bee infestation. Here are 4 signs telling you it’s time to make the call and have Richie come to the rescue:

  1. Nests: This is the most obvious sign of bee infestation. If you begin seeing nests forming in your home attracting more and more bees, then it’s time to call Richie the Bug Man for bee extermination in Boston. Bees will build nests in walls, overhangs, attics, and anywhere else not immediately visible to the eye.
  2. Disintegrating Drywall: Since bees form nest in your walls, you may notice your dry wall begin to disintegrate due to the overpopulation of bees. This can make you have to spend more money trying to keep drywall intact, if not identified for treatment early.
  3. Holes in Wooden Exterior: If you have any furniture, siding, decking, or more that is made of wood, then be on the lookout to see if there are any holes drilled into them. Carpenter bees love making themselves home in wooden exteriors. This can create significant property damage if not identified or treated quickly enough.
  4. Woodpeckers: Are you noticing more woodpeckers flying to your home looking for something to eat? Then it’s possibly a sign you need bee extermination in Boston. Woodpeckers will nip away at your wooden exterior once they sense bees are located within, and will even greater physical damage to your property.

Call Richie the Bug Man today for bee extermination in Boston, especially once you notice these 4 signs.

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