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3 Signs of Spider Infestation in Salem

January 14, 2016

As a resident of Salem, you’d probably rather keep anything that creeps and crawls for the Halloween festivities downtown. Unfortunately, spiders can show up any time of year, but especially when the temperature drops in the fall. They usually hibernate during the winter. When they are around their presence could wreak havoc on the health of your home, family, and your everyday lifestyle.

At Boz Pest Control, our experts offer you extermination services for your spider infestation in Salem. But how do you know when it’s time? It’s often hard to spot spider eggs as they can be fixed to just about any surface. To make matter worse, they’re often found in the dark areas of the house, garden, or yards. Regardless of their resting places, spiders are a sign of a more serious insect infestation so it’s best for you to nip this problem in the bud.

Here are some of the major indicators that you have a spider infestation in Salem:

  1. Search for Spider Webs, Burrows & Crevices. You start seeing these everywhere. The shape and size of webs can vary according to what species of spider is around. They could be orb or funnel shaped. Some species prefer to live in more constrained areas too, like burrows, crevices, and cracks that are in undisturbed areas. Spider eggs are normally laid in these places too. Keep your eyes peeled for these things all around your house, especially in places you don’t often walk by or notice.
  2. Moist Environments. Spiders are attracted to wetter areas, so the most popular places to check on your property is the basement, crawl space, root cellar, walls, sheds or other damp areas. Don’t forget to also check other dryer hideouts too, such as attics, closets and boxes.
  3. Spiders Love to Eat Other Insects. All spiders prey on smaller bugs, such as flies, ants, and lice, so make sure to check where you see these guys most often too!

Be sure to call our trained experts at Boz Pest Control for all your spider infestation service needs in Salem!

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