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3 Causes of Roach Infestation in Salem

October 13, 2015

As we move closer and closer to Halloween, we’ll see plenty of tricks and treats, but the true horror may be found in roach infestation in Salem. Roaches can turn your peaceful home or business into a real life creature feature. Roaches may tiny bugs, but they can do some serious damage to your home. They live in large groups and thrive in poor living conditions. They’re also pretty hungry and can take a significant bite out any open food in your home. Roaches also emit a bad odor that can give your home an oily, musty smell.

If you don’t want to be filled with too much fright this Halloween, Richie the Bug Man should be your number-one solution to roach infestation. Richie can apply a variety of extermination methods in your home to keep roaches away from your home or business. Best of all, Richie works quickly to ensure your home doesn’t become the next big roach colony. Unsure if you’re infested with roaches? Then please call Richie for home or business inspection!

What Causes Roach Infestation in Salem?

You may be wondering what exactly causes roaches to filter into your home one by one. Here are 3 main causes for roach infestation in Salem that you should know:

  1. Open Food: Is your home littered with crumbs and open packages of food? Then that’s the sort of thing that can make a roach’s tummy grumble. Roaches often flock to spaces where food is readily available and uncovered. If you notice there’s too much food hanging around your home, then cover it properly and store it away in cupboards, or refrigerators. Also make sure to sweep and vacuum your floors often.
  2. Boxes or Piles of Clothing: If you have piles of clothes lounging around your home, then it’s the perfect place for roaches to make themselves comfortable. Roaches thrive off dark, warm spaces and your wardrobe is one of the major places where they will seek comfort. Make sure to not allow clothing to pile up!
  3. Excess Filth: Sometimes, it’s not food or clothing that can reel in the roaches. It can be filth in general. Things like dirty dishes and strewn garbage is a breeding ground for roaches to infest. You don’t deserve to live in such poor conditions, so make sure to do your best to keep your home clean!

Contact Richie the Bug Man if you are experiencing roach infestation in Salem, especially if it’s due to these 3 causes!

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