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3 Signs It’s Time for Mice Extermination in Lynn

mice infestation
December 16, 2015

Despite what all the riddles say, there may be a creature stirring in your house this holiday season, which makes it all the more important to call Richie the Bug Man for mice extermination in Lynn today. During the holidays, you’re bound to fill up your home with plates of food, decorations, and plenty of gifts. However, this will also create food crumbs and clutter, which will send the mice flocking to your home this winter to seek residency.  You be hosting a holiday party in your home this year, but mice will truly be unwelcome.

Boz Pest Control your go-to help for mice extermination in Lynn. Richie can eliminate mice in your home quickly thanks to several effective mice extermination solutions including full-home inspections, entry point identification, and bait stations. We can also consult with you after inspection to inform you on the work that needs to be done in your home to ensure mice are kept away for good. If you want a holiday season free from the threat of mice extermination, never hesitate to call Boz Pest Control!

When Should You Call for Mice Extermination in Lynn?

Many homeowners often wait until it’s too late to seek professional assistance for mice extermination and before they know it, their household is littered with tiny furry creatures! If you want to avoid such a fate this holiday season, here are 3 signs you can identify that tells you it’s time to call us:

  1. Chipped or Chewed Furniture: If you have any furniture in your living room that appears to be chewed or gnawed on, don’t automatically blame it on the family dog! It may be sign that mice are scurrying about in your home. Mice love to gnaw and claw on furniture, which may see your expensive sofa become much worse for wear.
  2. Noises from Inside Walls: The sounds coming from your inside walls aren’t anything coincidental. Mice love to dwell in inside walls, attics, basements, or any darkened walls. When you hear the pitter patter of feet inside your walls, then it’s most likely that mice are currently making themselves home and running about.
  3. Unpleasant Odors: Since mice will hide in the darkened areas of your home, it’s hard to know whether they’re running about in your home. This means they can die and start to decay without you even being aware of their presence in your home. If you begin to smell nasty, unpleasant odors from decay, it’s a sign you have mice.

Contact Boz Pest Control if you have little critters claiming residency in your home. We’re your number-one service for mice extermination in Lynn!

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